Electrical Safety Tips For Home – Things To Consider

Our homes are filled with electrical appliances, devices, and systems designed to make our lives safer and more convenient.

Electrical contractors install them with all safety measures. Even though it could be quite dangerous if not used correctly. 

Top Electrical Safety Tips For Home

To ensure the safety of our electrical equipment, it is crucial that we follow a few simple Importance of electrical safety tips for the home.

Electrical safety regulations can depend upon the type of equipment in the vicinity. When working with electricity, always wear protective equipment and be aware of the risks of electricity. Check out 5 electrical safety tips for some basic information on home electrical safety.

Electrical Safety Tips For Home

1. Keep outlets from being overloaded 

It is vital to understand the risks and possible causes of electrical hazards. Overloads are a cause of fire damage, so it’s crucial to recognise the signs and know how to control your home’s energy usage.

Signs of electric overload

One of the most fundamental causes of an overload is that the amount of power flowing through the circuit is merely too much for it to manage. Every circuit has its own set of limits that are specifically designed to keep it as safe as possible.

  • Circuit breakers frequently trip.
  • Lights flicker, dim, or flash.
  • Discoloration of wall panels or hot outlets.
  • A burning smell from switches or outlets.
  • Insufficient current is being supplied to the appliance.

How To Prevent Electric Overloads?

If the load is difficult to shift, a new circuit can be added. To do this, you need to install a new socket. The extra socket must be connected to a circuit with the appropriate capacity. A junction box for the connection should be located in the basement or attic.

  • Upgrade the electrical system and install additional outlets.
  • Check fuses and circuit breakers in the home for adequate current.
  • Do not plug too many high-consumption appliances into a single outlet.
  • Limit the use of extension cords.

2. Child Safety – Things To You Should Be Aware

In this world of technology, today’s children are able to access more information than any other generation in the history of mankind. 

Electrical Safety Tips For Home

However, there are dangers associated with this new age of knowledge, and parents looking to protect their children from these dangers need to be aware of the risks and how to handle them.

If your children are old enough to play on the floor and know not to touch anything plugged in, you should consider getting some of these power strip covers.

  • Stay away your children playing from near power lines and power stations
  • Keep safe Climbing on power poles
  • Never put your fingers, toys, or anything else into power outlets or sockets
  • Playing with bulbs in lamps can cause burns, electric contact, or a fire
  • Do not bite or play with power cords
  • Keep liquids such as juice, and other beverages away from electronics
  • Wet hands should not be used to touch electrical objects
  • Electrical items should not be used in the bathroom
Electrical Safety Tips For Home

Electricity and nat gas is secure when it is used correctly, but they can be dangerous if you and your children are unaware of basic electric safety protocols.

First, have the children look around the house and identify objects that use and do not use electricity. If they don’t understand, show them the features that indicate the objects are electric.

3. Schedule An Electrical Inspection

Wiring inspection

Outdated wiring and electrical standards are common in older homes. By inspecting your wiring, you can determine whether it is outdated, dangerous, or worn out, and address any issue before they become serious. 

Maintenance inspection

When everything has been checked and the most important problems have been eliminated, a maintenance check will be performed. The maintenance inspection checks the installation of the electrical system.

Many homeowners disregard the safety precautions outlined in various government policies for various electrical installations. 

You will be perplexed at times as to why the inspector failed your electrical checking. There are numerous reasons for a failed inspection, most of which are common and usually ignored by homeowners. It is basic to initially find out about electrical investigation overall.

Reasons why an electrical inspection is required

Shocks: Imagine feeling a surge of electricity in your body. Although the impact may not be catastrophic, it could easily lead to other problems. Aside from that, body current in an electronic device can easily degrade its performance or render it completely unusable. An electrical inspector can detect these wiring flaws and correct them in a timely manner.

Fire: It has been observed that an electrical short circuit is frequently the cause of a house fire. These short circuits are caused by various loose wires within the meter or within the cabling itself. During the inspection, the inspector will easily identify these flaws and will request that you correct them.

Protection from potential surges: This is a common occurrence in various regions, particularly during a storm. Electrical surges can damage your appliances as well as cause short circuits in your home. During the inspection, the inspector will look for various points in the wiring that could cause this type of accident.

Testing done by Electrical Contractor

  • Substation Installation Services
  • Industrial Automation Secure Power
  • Electro-Mechanical And Fabrication
  • Power And Water
  • Security/ELV Systems
  • Maintenance And Asset Care
  • Renewable Energy/ Solar Power Installations

A modern electrical panel and dedicated circuits will keep your home running safely and efficiently in today’s world of modern appliances and equipment.

Electrical Safety Tips For Home

4. Electrical Safety in Natural Disasters

It’s crucial to avoid worrying during a disaster and follow these guidelines to avoid further difficulties in a disaster.

  • Avoid areas that are flooded.
  • If possible, turn off the main power.
  • Unplug all electrical equipment and elevate it from the ground because power may go out and then come back on with brief, sporadic surges. If necessary, relocate the equipment.
  • If lightning is present, avoid using water or a landline phone. Plumbing and phone lines can both carry electricity.

5. Things to Consider when building a new home

We all depend heavily on electricity, so it is worthwhile to plan ahead of time to ensure that your home is safe, functional, and well-organized. 

Here are five key electrical considerations to keep in mind when building a home.

  • Plan The Outlet Location
  • Understand The Wiring System
  • Consider Energy Efficiency If You Need Extra Power
  • Lighting Switches with Customizability


An electrical home examination looks at your complete electrical framework to ensure that every single electrical wire, framework, and component meets legitimate security guidelines and thus provides a safe environment for your family.   

Following these basic safety guidelines, one can prevent major electrical malfunctions or accidents. Electrical Contractor In Qatar

Frequently Asked Questions

How to prevent electrical fire?

To avoid electrical fires, make sure your outlets, electrical plugs, and cords are all in good working order. You should use electronic items properly and maintain the electrical wiring in your home or office in good condition. Check out tips to prevent electric fire.

What is the benefit of hiring an electrical contractor? 

An electrical contractor ensures the safety of wiring connections as they have been trained to provide professional, secure, and dependable service.

Which is the best electrical engineering service in Qatar?

Promag is a dedicated electrical and instrumentation engineering service provider with over 12 years of experience serving in different regions such as Qatar, UAE, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, and Oman.

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Top 5 Electrical Engineering Trends In 2022

Top 5 Electrical Engineering Trends In 2022

Are you looking for the top 5 electrical engineering trends In 2022?

The electrical engineering industry is changing continuously. Every new year new trends and updates are coming in this field. At the beginning of 2022 itself, many ambitious research and development departments all around the world are working towards a better way to obtain, store and use electrical energy. Check the points given below & learn the top 5 electrical engineering trends In 2022.

Internet of Things (IoT)

The faster technology, 5G, makes it 5x faster than the 4th generation (4G) which enhanced IoT significantly. IoT (Internet Of Things) means a collection of “things” that are connected through the internet. Examples of IoT devices included wearable technology, smartphones, and a variety of sensors. 

With the extensive rollout of 5G technologies in 2022, a surge in electrical engineering IoT devices is anticipated. In this era, IoT is now intermingled with the electrical engineering industry. As a result, it’s now imperative that every electrical engineer becomes “IoT literate.”


The use of drones goes far beyond the entertainment industry. A recent survey on some business sectors has shown the use of drones in the engineering and construction industries is increasing.

Did you know that using drones can increase safety on a construction site?

Electrical engineering service providers are using drones to examine certain hazardous electrical zones without putting themselves at risk. The Use of drones in the construction industry provides much-needed safety in the electrical engineering industry. Furthermore, drones are now helping to record, collect, and analyze data at the job site, thus increasing productivity and efficiency. 

Storage Devices

Wind and solar are excellent sources of sustainable energy. However, these only work best if there are batteries, and in light of this, various electrical departments all around the world are working relentlessly towards proficient batteries.

With improved battery technologies, the industry of electric vehicles will also make significant development in 2022. 

Generally, 2021 is an exciting year for the electrical engineering landscape. Companies like Tesla, Eos, Sonnen, Ola, Ather, and Vivint Solar are some companies that introduced their latest innovations in electrical storage devices last year.

Install a solar power panel & store energy

Automation and Robotics

During the COVID-19 epidemic, Robots and Industrial Automation are now making a significant impact. While automation & robotics-based technologies are often ridiculed for stealing people’s jobs in most industries, it’s a different case in the electrical and instrumentation engineering industry. Robotics and Industrial Automation systems significantly help to improve safety. For instance, remotely controlled, wireless underground electrical works can be used by robots instead of humans.

Electric vehicles (EV)

Did you notice, at the beginning of 2022, the share price of Tesla, one of the most prominent electric vehicle manufacturers in the globe, has been soaring? This share price increment means that electric vehicles are just about to take over.

According to experts, within 10 years, more than 100 million EVs will fill the roads. Many investments are being made towards EV technology, which will see much change in 2022 alone.

The growth of the EV business will further be propagated by things like improved technologies in battery, IoT, etc… just to mention a few.

Also, read in detail about how to choose the best electrical contractor

Wrap Up

The year 2022 could be the year for most electrical and instrumentation engineering ideas. Initially, many half-baked concepts in the electrical engineering industry finally come to fruition. Many electrical engineering developments are on the way — Undoubtedly these all ideas become a reality in the year 2022.

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Choosing The Best Electrical Contractor

Choosing The Best Electrical Contractor – A Guideline

If you are planning to remodel your entire industry in UAE, Qatar, Bahrain, or Oman, one of the most important things you need to do for the success and safety of your establishment is find the best electrical contractor. Industrial, Oil & Gas industrial electrical work is a little different from its domestic or residential variants. It requires the right electrical engineering service providers with high skills and experience in working in this same field. Hiring a professional contractor like Promag Engineering can make your life easier and save you money. The information below helps you to determine the best electrical contractor for your industrial, Oil & Gas sectors all across GCC Countries.

How to choose the best Electrical Contractor?

  • Collect Recommendations

As a business owner, use your business network and collect details about the best electrical contractors by asking your family and friends, or other business owners. Make a detailed review of the completed projects and their customers. Also, collect details about whether the customers were satisfied or not when the job was finished. Also, you should visit your local electrical supply and hardware stores and ask them about the best electrical contractor in your area. There is a  chance to get the best electrical contractor from there. 

  • Collect Details About their Experience with Industrial Projects

Industrial, oil & gas fabrication & installation industries electrical projects are different from residential ones. So collect in detail about the experience of the contractor’s workers with regards to commercial projects. Make sure they can provide you with workers who have all the knowledge, skills, and tools to do their electrical jobs.

  • Collect Details About their Guarantees and Warranties

A good electrical engineering service provider will have Guarantees and Warranties in all the works they will do. Guarantees and warranties are testaments of their quality, workmanship, and customer service. 

Thus, choose those companies that provide Guarantees and Warranties. So, ask about their guarantees and warranties about the works. 

  • Ask for Their Estimates

A good contractor will never add hidden fees. Thus, ask them in detail about all the excess charges & make sure you broach this subject with your contractor.

Ask for price guarantees in writing. These will give you a good idea of how much the electrical work will cost even before the project starts and help prevent unwanted surprises on your budget.

  • Collect Details About the Timeframe for the Project

Choose a contractor who will work diligently and efficiently. Therefore, they must guarantee a timeframe. Good contractors offer emergency service 24/7.

  • Check Their Licensing and Insurance

Don’t be afraid to ask about your contractor’s license & insurance certificates. Electrical contractors with the right license and insurance may be a little bit expensive. But you can feel confident about their quality of work, safety, & your establishment’s protection and security.

  • Read Reviews and References

Try to find out as much as you can about the company and its workers. If possible, call their previous clients and collect a review about them. This may be time-consuming, but it’s a great way to evaluate their expertise and professionalism.

Are you in need of an electrical contractor in UAE, Qatar, Bahrain, or in Oman? Check out the electrical services from Promag Engineering; you will feel confident any power issues you have at your business will be addressed with quality and your budget in mind. We provide free estimates, at no obligation and offer 24/7 emergency service all in GCC countries.

Contact us so you can learn more about how we can help. You can reach us via email at

Also, read on the top 5 tips to keep in mind when looking for an electrical engineering firm

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Tips To Prevent Electrical Fire

Top 6 Tips To Prevent Electrical Fire

Nowadays, the most tragic thing is that more than 25,000+ electrical fires are held across the GCC region every year. Most of them are because of safety issues, the vast majority of them could have been prevented if they used the right safety precautions. First, you can take care of the use of your electrical devices, outlets, etc. in the right way and can reduce chances of electrical fire tragedy.

So please go through the given tips to prevent electrical fire and make sure everyone is following them today

And if you have any questions, contact the best electrical engineering service providers now.

#1.  Don’t Overload Your Outlets

Using overload is one of the common reasons for electrical fires, each circuit was designed to convey a certain amount of electricity through it.  Using extension cords and connections through it makes overload for your circuits. In other words, using extension cords is not a permanent solution to any situation in your home. 

And it’s entirely preventable by implementing a surge protector. Install an internal circuit breaker that will cut power if it senses overload problems. If you simply need to plug many gadgets in at once, it’s probably time to install new outlets and wiring.

#2. Keep Flammable Objects Away from Electrical Outlets

Avoid placing flammable items like furniture, curtains, decorations, boxes, etc in front of (or too close to) an outlet. Most outlets generate an unnoticeable amount of heat or if there is any fault in the wirings,  it may cause sparks and then start a fire on whatever is closest to them. 

So, don’t take a chance on that! If your outlets regularly feel warm. Then you should contact the electrical system maintenance team.

#3. Check your old wiring and get it replaced

Whenever you see a power cord or any wiring in your home is at fault, worn down, or internal wires are exposed, it’s advised that you either have the wiring replaced or repaired, if possible.

#4. Old Appliances

Using old appliances that have loose or faulty wiring can catch fire. Moreover, due to the high flammability of the old insulation used in these appliances. To ensure your safety, it’s best to purchase updated appliances or repair them.

Having older appliances like stoves, fridges, iron boxes, all the things you can find in your kitchen are at risk for potentially starting electrical fires. It is because these old applications may not be up to standard when it comes to wattage usage, material quality, and safety regulations.

Get in touch with an e&i engineering service provider to install appliance-grade outlets that are designed for the kind of appliance that you have. Expert electricians can also install ground fault circuit interrupters that act as surge protectors to keep your workspace safe. 

#5. Unplug Small Devices When Not in Use

Try to unplug all electrical devices when not in use. Because those electrical appliances cause a lot of fires when left plugged in and unattended. Also, try to unplug small appliances you use in the bathroom too. By following this habit you can actually save money on electricity by fully unplugging computers, printers, and entertainment systems from the wall when you’re not at home because even in the “off” position, those things still suck power from the system and add up on your electrical bill.

#6. Schedule a Regular Electrical Safety Inspection

In addition to these things that you can go around your workspace and do right now, schedule a regular electrical safety inspection with an experienced electrician. If you have any questions, get in touch with Promag Engineering, the company that helps you to solve the problems listed above, and also check the electrical panel, wiring, and other areas. Electrical safety inspections provide great peace of mind for your safety.

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Top 5 Tips To Keep In Mind When Looking For An Electrical Engineering Firm

Electrical engineering service is one of the essential aspects of a construction project. Electrical engineers are of great importance as they are allocated the highest project budget for component layout, renovations and infrastructure upgrades. Choosing the right electrical engineering service providers is one of the crucial aspects of a construction project as it can make or break the entire project.

Electrical engineers and technicians of the highest standard can ensure a high performing and efficient system that can meet your financial and technical objectives. They can also offer you a variety of services based on their evaluation of construction and location to give your building the best possible outcome.
So, before you get yourself into a construction project, it is highly recommended that you schedule an interview with an electrical engineer and discuss the schematics of your construction plan.
The following are some key elements to consider when choosing an Electrical Engineering service provider for your project.

  • Tip #1 – Meeting the deadline

    Deadlines are by far one of the most important aspects of a construction job, especially if it is a large scale one. The timeline planned upfront if delayed, could affect the budget and even the availability of both personnel and construction equipment. So when choosing an Electrical engineering company, you must ensure that they have any resources to meet the needs of the project, whether it’d be through staff strength or sub-consultant having the right amount is a must. 

    Tip #2 – Stay within the budget

    Staying within the budget is supposed to be given, but unfortunately most of the construction projects have to go through multiple revisions and can far exceed the expected budget. Going through the history of the engineering company you hire can give you an insight on how they handle budget. Even if you’ve gone past that and hired someone already, always make sure to ask specifically the reasons for order changes.

    Tip #3 – Communication

    It is one of the most underrated factors that could be the key to having a successful project. Maintaining a healthy relationship between electrical and instrumentation engineers, project manager or lead engineer and construction teams can take you a long way. It is of utmost importance to convey the demands including budget, timeline and specific requirements to an engineer and at the same time, Engineers must also be able to express his/her opinions openly to the clients for a successful implementation of plan.

    Tip #4 – Innovation and creativity

    Brainstorming your electrical engineer on how to implement your plan in the most efficient way could give unexpected results. An electrical engineer with years of experience may not like the idea, but still in this day and age engineers should be able to come up with new ideas to tackle obstacles that they might face rather than just rely on previously proven but conventional methods. 

    Tip #5 – Corporation

    This might sound obvious, but that is not the case in real life. An electrical engineer is without a doubt part of the design team, so they must be willing to collaborate with owners, architects, other engineering disciplines, contractors and subcontractors. If an engineer does not have their corporation, it would be difficult to ensure a smooth project delivery.

Check out the 5 Important Innovations In Solar Power technology

Promag Engineering is the right electrical engineering service provider for commercial & industrial purposes in Qatar. The specialized services like Electrical power distribution and control (EPDC), Electrical and Instrumentation (E&I), ELV Solutions, and Solar Power Installation from Promag help you to design your business perfectly. Get in touch with us & start your project today.

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