Our world requires an immediate revamp when it comes to energy production and its renewability. We as a civilization predominantly rely on fossil fuels.

In this day and age where availability has gone scarce and the impact it has on the environment has begun to leave permanent scars on the face of the earth, we really need to desperately look for an alternate energy source that should be reliable and renewable. 

5 Important Innovations In Solar Power

With the demand for fossil fuels increasing and with its limited supplies the price of fossil fuels has grown significantly in the past two decades. But here we have the solar power industry which has been exploring different possibilities and bringing innovations left and right, some of which creates a major impact on our energy system. 

5 Important Innovations In Solar Power

1: Thin Film Solar

In the old days, harvesting solar energy meant using solar panels of large sizes. It made the installation & maintenance of the panel difficult for regular use. Since then solar technologies have improved significantly and with the innovations in solar thin-film technology, we can now print thin solar film rolls which have reduced both the cost of installation and also made it easier to install them. 

With the emergence of thin solar films, we can now integrate this into the roofing materials of buildings. Thus opening up more possibilities for the placement of these solar power producers. 

2: Solar Windows

As the name suggests, they are windows that can generate electricity. It doesn’t matter what kind of window you have. You just need to coat that window with the world’s smallest functional solar cells, which measures less than ¼ the size of a grain of rice. 

The size of this solar cell might seem like something out of a science fiction movie, but what makes this even more interesting is the fact that the windows remain transparent even after coating the window with these cells. What makes it even more special is the fact that it can be applied and installed at room temperature with minimal effort and no particular production facilities. 

3: Hairy Solar Panels

Just like the name suggests, these solar panels are a hairy bunch, but not the way you would expect though. These are the products of nanotechnology, they use light-absorbing nanowires on carbon-nanotube fabric to absorb energy from the sunlight. 

Apart from its minuscule and hairy appearance, these panels are capable of absorbing more energy from the sun than silicon. Which in turn would result in much efficient energy harvesting. 

4: Micro-inverters

Normally solar panels produce DC current which is then transformed into AC current which is what our homes are wired to use. But for residential solar power use, using an inverter in between made things quite difficult. Since the cost for an inverter that could handle all the power produced by the solar panel used to be quite high and it was even considered to be inefficient. But now, with the advent of microinverters, having just one panel and one inverter to generate solar power has become efficient and more importantly affordable. 

5: Infrared Spectrum Solar Panels

The solar panels of today harvest energy almost entirely from the visible spectrum, which means quite a lot of energy from the invisible light spectrum is untapped and wasted away. With the advent of modern technology, numerous researches have been conducted on how to tap into the energy from the invisible spectrum. 

Most practical of them so far is to add materials such as vanadium and titanium into a solar semiconductor so that it could capture the invisible infrared spectrum and turn that into electricity. Unfortunately, currently this technology is in its testing phase, but the day when we can tap into solar energy to its full potential is not so far away any more. 

The future of solar looks bright

Earlier, Solar power was generated only by means of ground-mounted or rooftop panels. But in this modern world, the solar panel is set to become lighter, more flexible, and applicable to install everywhere.

In many other cities nearby you. You can buy food at a solar-powered food cart, you can travel on a solar-powered highway, and also you can charge your phone from your solar-powered clothes. This is the near future of solar energy!

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